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Me at a party yesterday got wild LoL :)

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Me at a party yesterday got wild LoL :) Empty Me at a party yesterday got wild LoL :)

Post by C0CKER_NlGGER Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:31 am

Hey guys so let me tell you my story.  About a week ago I walked in on my girlfriend having sex with the landlord of her apartment building.  She broke up with me right there, with the landlord's cock still deep in her pussy, saying "You don't have the ape cocker like my landlord, you couldn't satisfy me like he can." Later that week my gym buddy Tanner invited me to a crazy party coming up next Saturday.  He said there were going to be a lot of girls there, and talking to some new girls would help me get over my last breakup.  So Tanner picked me up in his 1987 toyota supra and we headed on over.  We also picked up his brother in law, Alex.  Alex was new in town and Tanner wanted him to meet new people.  We arrived at the party, I could already tell the night was going to be a night to remember.  The party was being hosted in a large abandoned complex building somewhere in downtown Virgina Beach that was set to be demolished in a week.  There were at least a dozen 8.5/10s dancing and drinking at the party.  I knew I was going to get some tonight.  Tanner went to dance with his girlfriend, and Alex and I just sat down on the couch and started taking shots.  We talked about how these girls were too hot to hit on sober, so we got wasted.  We kept taking shots until Alex blacked out on the couch.  I figured now would be the best time to talk to some girls.  I don't remember much from this point,  but I recall vomiting on Tanner's girlfriend and then getting into a fight with him.  Did I mention our gym was an MMA gym?  And how Tanner had been going there for over 5 years and I 3 months?  Well he kicked my ass and knocked me out.  I woke up some time the next morning, the complex completely abandoned again.  It was very eerie.  I started hearing footsteps coming up behind me and I screamed and flew my fist around, whacking Alex right in the stomach.  After he recovered from my punch he picked me up and put me on the same couch we got drunk on.  We were both horribly hung over, it felt like having a massive migraine at a heavy metal concert.  Alex noticed I had a bad bruise on my left eye so he went off to try to find something for it.  He came back with an empty beer bottle that was left in the cooler and he put in on top of my eye."Last night must have been crazy for you.  I wish I was awake so I could've witnessed it." He whispered into my ear.  I decided not to tell him I got in a fight with his brother in law, because it could've pissed him off.  He yawned and lied down on top of me.  Our lips met.  And neither of us pulled back.  We stared into each others eyes for a while, as we began making out there on the couch.  He began undressing and he helped me undress as I could barely stand up.  Soon we were both naked, stroking on eachother's throbbing cocks.  "Hah, you have a pretty tiny dick.  I guess I'm the more dominant one since I'm on top?" Alex groaned.  I was barely able to speak, but I managed to say what I wanted to say.  "...Please.... put your dick in my ass..." "Oh, you want my dick, David? I'll let you have it little man."  He moved down and I felt a penetrating pressure in my lower body.  Alex was deep inside my ass at this point.  He rocked me back and forth, it felt so good, like I was being rocked to sleep.  "Hey, why are you falling asleep? Am I too boring for you?  I'll show you a good time then!"  He pulled his solid 8 incher out of my ass and moved up to the couch so his dong was flopped on my forehead.  "Suck on my nuts like an udder, David.  Milk my cum like a cow." I began chewing on his nutsack like I hadn't eaten in weeks.  At this point we hear "WHAT THE FUCK!"  We look over and Tanner is there with his girlfriend, phones out, taking pictures of me sucking on his delicious scrotum.  They must have come to pick us up, but we didn't leave with them.  Alex grabbed my hand and together we ran off, butt naked, away from everyone.  It was kind of a blur at this point, but soon we made it back to Alex's house.  Alex grabbed my hands and looked at me in the eyes  "David, I love you.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but we need to leave Virgina Beach forever."  "I love you too, but what about my bar tending job?" I whispered back.  "We need to leave everyone and everything we've ever known.  Tanner is going to post those pictures on facebook and we will become the laughing stock of Virgina.". "....Ok... I guess you are right..." I replied hesitantly.

Now, two years later Alex and I are happily married and living in San Francisco.  It is amazing how fast your life can change, so don't take a moment for granted  Very Happy
This is the infamous picture that captured the seed of love being planted in Alex and I's hearts.  Little did we know it would grow into the biggest tree in the world <3

Me at a party yesterday got wild LoL :) 5eCYgFe


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Me at a party yesterday got wild LoL :) Empty Re: Me at a party yesterday got wild LoL :)

Post by Admin Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:38 am



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